our S trailer

Price : from 1150 EXCLUDING VAT


An electric bike with a power rating of 85Nm or more will tow S and M trailers efficiently.
Choosing a comfortable, high-quality bike will enable you to work efficiently for a long time to come.

For greater stability, maneuverability and safety.
Unlike 2-wheel trailers, the entire weight of the load is borne by the trailer.
Once unhooked from the bike, the trailer can be maneuvered precisely and effortlessly by hand, thanks to its directional front wheel.

Yes, because our seat tube attachment system is universal.
If your bike has a telescopic or suspension seat tube that is not compatible, you can replace it with a rigid seat tube.
Long-tail bikes with a distance between the seat tube and the rear of the bike exceeding 80cm are not compatible.

Our hitch is universal, fitting all diameters of saddle tubes.
Unlike a hitch on the wheel axle, the BILMO system offers greater stability and maneuverability, as the forces are perfectly aligned with the bicycle axle.
Finally, our under-seat trailer hitch is more accessible and cleaner than a coupling on the bike wheel.

Small aluminum wheels are robust and low-maintenance.
No more broken spokes or warped wheels.

The suspension fork absorbs shocks to reduce component wear and ensure smooth passage over obstacles.

Yes, it allows great flexibility for sharing fleets of bikes and trailers.

Our trailers adapt to your business

Why choose Bilmo trailers?


The trailer can be transported by hand or in a freight elevator.


A single chassis offers different functions to meet every need


The trailer is stable and robust, allowing loads to be transported in complete safety.

large bike trailer for transport

Would you prefer something bigger?
Trailer M

No more getting stuck in traffic. Deliver up to 200 kg anywhere in town without wasting time.

2 models, 12 accessories.
We have a solution for
all your needs.